Lenovo Thinkpad x220 Tablet Review


Lenovo Thinkpad x220 Tablet Review– The successful range of ThinkPad X 220 continues the traditions of predecessors and there is also a convertible model in new revision available. The X220t, with a rotating screen, digitizer and touchscreen, must show the attributes are in the following review.

Convertibles are a mixture of laptops and tablet and try to fuse the advantages of both in one device. The various models range from affordable net-vertibles (based on the netbooks), e.g. the Dell Inspiron Duo, over consumer devices, e.g. the HP Touchsmart tm2, until business models cheaply. Above all, high performance, various runtimes interface, long battery life, flexible input options and high-end display are the main qualities expected from a device in the category of business. The Lenovo ThinkPad X220t is a typical member of this guild and face opponents, like the HP Elitebook 2760 p, Dell’s Latitude XT3 nor Fujitsu Lifebook T901.

While the models from HP and Dell are not yet available, Fujitsu and Lenovo even could save limited numbers. The ThinkPad is listed in various configurations to retailers and begins just under 1000 Euro. The price of entry can be higher in Lenovo’s online shop. You have to count on the 1300 euros for an Intel Core i3 and stripped that configuration there. As always, still Lenovo promised himself he particularly attractive special models for beneficiaries from the education sector. Our test device is equipped with an Intel Core i7-2620M, a 320 GB hard disk, multi-touch display, 4 GB of RAM and a 6 cell battery. The price is currently not quite 1700 euros.http://lenovoreview.com/lenovo-thinkpad-x220-tablet-review/ ‎


The ThinkPad X 220 tablet base unit resembles the X220 to a large extent. However, it has a visibly larger in size 303 mm x 255 mm (battery included). Then again, the differences in details is not insignificant compared to its related model. The building of the central common tablet hinges are the most obvious things. It allows you to align the display via its base in Rotary. This also results in a special battery design and make the battery contrary to the X220 model. The Central Rotary hinge strength makes a good impression and seems to be implemented better than the HP Elitebook 2740p. In turn, the screen maximum opening angle is a bit from the line with the protruding battery since the display back rest in batteries in an open State. Thus, it is scratch after the display has been rotated horizontally to position the tablet several times and they are not really nice. So, you must be sure to lift the screen somewhat when rotating. If not, the screen is the same diagonal of 12.5 “as the X220. But it is mounted on a bit different and leaves little room for contained controls at the end. As a result, seem somewhat diminished in relation the the bezel over the display and not as elegant and slim as competitors, HP 2740 p.

Terms of weight, convertibles are usually not as light as the corresponding subnotebooks from their ranks. The test device 1920 g that weight was nearly 400 g more than the X220. Hard. At least the adapter power not always have brought them around on the go. The battery life will be filled in quite a bit of time working.

The touchpad closes flush with the front edge and not to park the vehicles of slant as X220. There is a compartment of the storage for the stylus slot between the hard disk and the Kensington lock of preparation. Snaps of pen in the spring mechanism for a smooth click. You’ll also red “ThinkPad that handles” according the design. The case stability is actually too good, but suffers in ExpressCard slot area and under easy hit the wrist rest, alike the X220. The battery does not fit as tightly as X220 because of the design. The base plate is very strong and the holes are easy to access. Missing rubber feet on the bottom right side is extremely disappointing, though. Thus, the device without these wobbles battery.


Lenovo Thinkpad x220 Tablet Review

Additional sorting interface is no different from X220. The Gigabit LAN port is also unfavorably placed far ahead and several expansions ExpressCard can block the USB port under it-or at least is caused by a very limited accessibility. USB 3.0 not installed on X220t Core i7 version, either. In total, the configuration interface is quite short compared to the competition. The HP 2760p even still provides FireWire, Dell and even eSATA XT3 only Fujitsu T901 bid USB 3.0.

The X220t is expanded via ExpressCard, mSATA slot (SSD) or motion by regular stations, e.g. the Ultrabase series 3 (about 170 euros).

Our test model has Bluetooth 3.0 and WLAN 802.11 n as wireless interfaces. If you want a wired connection you can use the Gigabit LAN. UMTS is prepared and measured by a module released by the Lenovo (e.g. Ericsson F5521gw/about 100 euros). Lenovo takes roughly 70 euros for a 90 Watt power adapter (40Y7663). The average original accessories, such as mice, keyboards and cases can be found on the homepage of Lenovo.

The usual suspects such as BIOS password, fingerprint reader, password manager, Client Security software, etc., to take care of security issues.

The Warranty period is, as usual for this category, 3 years (bring/battery 1 year) and may extend to various options.

Input device


The X220t keyboard is the same as the one of the X220 and thus have a superb quality even keep creative typists. The only reason for complaint here is again a little correction to ThinkVantage bar which is not good, but will not have an impact on practical use.


The touchpad is also barely changed. But in our opinion, it has the advantage that the sensitive surface ends flush with the front edge of the X220 contrast version. Unintentional, wrong inputs are made by hand because of its integration with softly up along the edge of the case to the X220. They left was excluded from the X220t.

As usual, the control of touchpad and trackpoint is good and proper. The configuration options are different.

Lenovo Thinkpad x220 Tablet Review

Input display
Another input option has been added to the buttons on the display bezel, which is only for controlling mouse tablet mode: on/off, control menu (CRTL + ALT + DEL), orientation. Fingerprint readers also have been installed in the display bezel and always on hand.
In General, you can choose between two different IPS screen. Use our optional devices to test with your finger and stylus. The external version, the gorilla glass available for an extra charge, receive only a pen.
In total, the stylus input works just as before reviewed older model, HP Elitebook 2740 p, Fujitsu T580 or Dell Latitude XT2. The deviation between the tip of the stylus and the teach input ranges from 0-1 mm on the main field screen. As always, you must live with increasing Agency towards the edge. They can be reduced a bit to handling the letters. While we have to identify the errors of up to 2mm of the HP display (Wabcom), nudged the Fujitsu T580 and the Dell Latitude XT2 screen both with an unvarying deviation of almost 1 mm (both N-Trig). Our test model also provided by Wacom digitizer and the same drawback shows that there was also a HP Elitebook deviation (after proper calibration) of up to 2 mm to the outside edge (about 1.5 cm) could hardly have an impact in practical use, though. The effect can be avoided or minimized by zooming or moving objects, or holds the stylus straight. Only the workflow depending on the type, make, may suffer.
Closing Windows and selecting small toolbar icons on the sides requires a bit more care, but quite good for after a bit of getting used to the works is that if you keep the crosshairs and not 1 the actual pen tip position. We have experimented a bit with ArtRage and Photoshop elements and achieved good results after a while. Thus, you can work also in Central rural work. Objects can be selected correctly, and even cropping I zoom things is possible with a bit of practice. Drawing and sketches that are excellent. You have to zoom in and will often find its correct starting point again to continue the drawing fine lines without interruptions. In contrast to external graphic tablets, it is usually advantageous you might work directly on these things and thus not readjust and orientate the ladder hand on display.Lenovo Thinkpad x220 Tablet Review
The recognition of handwritten implemented in Windows 7 has the ability to learn and generates excellent results after a bit of use. We didn’t notice the streaks or other trace when input is done on the Lenovo using the stylus at the time of trial, as we have seen in Dell Latitude XT2. However, alternative pen tips from Wacom might improve it should it occur. Lenovo is also clearly demonstrates the gorilla glass screen (no touch) as having a high resistance and can be more durable to the active pen inputting for a long time.
Normally, inputting the finger does not work as soon as the stylus is within a certain range of the screen. Not always work as well as expected and is pretty annoying when open the ThinkVantage tools or other windows pop up when unintentionally be touched. You have many options of environment, unfortunately that was distributed to some tools, which alter the sensitivity or disable specific functionality completely. Especially the novice users should bring along sufficient time for adjustment and training.
The precision finger control depends on how well your fingers can work of course. While you don’t really need system-side enlarged icons, file and script that representation to pen input, some haptic focuses the users select the early display of moderate size of 125 dpi control system. You’ll want to especially use your finger to open the file, clicking through photos, etc. Newbies will also have to invest a bit of time for other functions, such as a gesture control, until use is really smooth.


As mentioned, the ThinkPad X220t is available in two different IPS screen. They both have a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and consequently a dot density of 125 dpi, as well as a LED backlight which is to supply a brightness of 300 cd/m2 (300 nits). The gorilla glass screen, available for an extra charge, is described as an external display without the support of touch. In return, they are especially resistant surface must be set to off. According to Lenovo, the current version of external no higher brightness of 400 cd/m2, as in previous ThinkPad 201t, anymore.
Our test equipment is the main version with support of touch. Although it is a fight to save the screen, the impression that it makes is somewhere between matt and shiny displays. Depending on light conditions, you can see the blurry outline of that, However, is not as annoying as the screen with a smooth screen. There are no display problems indoors, but not always you fall back into an ergonomic brightness settings of 140-160 cd/m2 without hesitation. The blurry reflections that can be annoying. Because the LEDs only give a glow of 256 cd/m2 the maximum and 244 cd/m2 in the medium, image overlays can be outshined. However, we cannot confirm the 300 cd/m2 promising Lenovo.
The screen homogeneous lighting of 91% is very good. Concerning the measured rate, the light is coming down a bit towards the lower edge of the screen. But this situation is not visible even in monochrome.
Because the digitizer layers, at the top of the screen has a slight grained texture besides pretty shiny quality. It does not give as clearly represents as X220 IPS screen when looked at more closely. You can also see a dot matrix when it is deprived of a light is broken off. But, more or less all displays such effects and the side effects of additional options for input.
The LED backlight not withstand direct sunlight outdoors, but displayed content still find pleasing when well selected seating position. They are also likely to cover the spreading photos. The maximum brightness is available in battery mode as well. The ratio of good contrast of 883:1 also has a positive impact on the clarity of the text and Internet sites. Black and color really looks West and namamaalam alike, the X220 the IPS screen, the good representation of images and video. In return, the spectrum of color is only at the level of the average laptop reaches about 70% of the sRGB color space.
The view is the angle at a high level, as expected from an IPS screen. Color and content remain too strong for laptop condition and award good, even though recognition and reproduction quality from every direction. Only brightness varies depending on the angle of viewing. Difference between horizontal and vertical view not understood subjectively. Thus, superb required for use as a tablet.
In performing the test model is more or less based on the X220. Among the Sandy Bridge Intel processors ranging from Core i3 i5 Core i7 to Core (dual core) is also used here. Our test model is based on QM67 chipset and equipped with a Core i7-2620M processor (4 MB L3 cache) which includes two important key players in Turbo Boost and Hyper Threading. The default clock rate of 2.7 GHz can be increased up to 3.4 GHz in single threaded applications and it is a process of activities of yarn in up to four threads simultaneously.
Incorporated the Intel HD Graphics 3000 is responsible for sectors of the video. It also has a dynamic clock rate (650-1300 MHz). Their efficiency is not insignificantly which depends upon the configuration RAM. 4 GB of RAM are distributed in two spaces in our test device and can thus work in dual channel mode. Please see the evaluation of the ThinkPad X 220. We tried the graphics performance for various configurations of memory. The use of 2 x 2 GB RAM However is a drawback for users upgrading-eager, namely the existing bars must be ipagpapalit.
On the whole, the test results place themselves above the X220 ‘s. Besides our usual ratings benchmarks, such as PCMark Vantage (8153 points) and R Cinebench 11.5 (10.94 and 3.11 points), we also executed some short converting tasks. Badaboom achieves 114 fps in the standard resolutions (Intel Quick Sync) in our test movie and iTunes converts our MP3 song with a 45.6-fold speed into AAC format. We can’t say why the technically stronger Core i72620M CPU (131 fps) works a bit slower in the same test environment than the X220 ‘s Core i5 CPU (150 fps) in pure CPU convert with Badaboom.
High definition movies are rendered smoothly and the gaming performance will be on a par with the X220. For example, StarCraft 2 is well playable in medium details in a WXGA resolution.
  • Intel Core i52520M dual-core processor (2.5 GHz, 3 MB cache)
  • Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)
  • 12.5-inch HD (1366 x 768) Display (IPS), two finger multitouch/5 fingers a gesture and active pen input
  • The included Intel HD Graphics
  • 4 GB DDR3 (1333MHz)
  • 320 GB Seagate Momentus thin hard drive, 5400 rpm
  • Intel Centrino AdvancedN + WiMAX 6250 (Kilmer Peak) 2 × 2 wireless card
  • 720p High Definition webcam
  • Fingerprint readers
  • Display Port, 3 USB 2.0 ports (1 on port)
  • 6cell battery and an optional battery slice
  • Size: 12 (L) x 9 (W) x 1.051.23 (H) inches
  • Weight: 3.99 pounds with 6cell battery
Price : Rp 18.800.000